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I am located in Springfield, Missouri - The Birthplace of Route 66

For over half of my life, I have lived within 25 miles of Route 66 without really getting to know the road. During the spring of 2000, I changed jobs, and had the opportunity to travel a couple stretches of the old Mother Road btween Springfield and Miami, Oklahoma. For the next four years, I traveled these highways on a regular basis, and saw the old gas stations, cafes, and classic motels and cabins with little more than a passing interest.

After changing jobs again in 2005, I continued to travel, but seldom on those same roads. In the fall, 2007, while 'surfing the net' one evening, I came across a web site about Route 66. I was immediately hooked! I began reading everything I could find on Route 66, buying postcards, and Tivo-ing any TV show I could find.

In mid January, 2008, my job territory changed, and I again had to chance to travel Missouri 96. I was shocked at how many of the buildings had deteriorated in the 8 years since I first saw them.

I have become determined to photograph as many of these old buildings along Route 66 as possible.

That is how this website came into being. My intention is to have pictures of buildings in the heyday of Route 66, and as they are now. I want to collect as many photos as possible along the entire route before they are lost forever.

Contact the Author
If you would like to help, please send along any information you can. I am looking for old pictures or postcards. Please scan them into your computer, and send digital images, along with location, date and time, and any history you may have. I welcome email from site visitors, including criticisms, commentary, memories and contributions. I am always looking for older photographs or postcards of the highway, especially snapshots from the 1920s to the 1970s.

I am still a few years from retirement, so this site will grow slowly at first. Please send along any information you can. If you have pictures or postcards, please scan them into your computer, and send digital images, along with the picture's location, date and time, and any history you may have.

Please don't be concerned if I don't get back to you right away. I love this site, yet it is still a hobby for me. I have a full-time job, and a wonderful wife, children and grandchildren as well. I work on the site and answer email from it, as I have the time.



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