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Chain of Rocks Amusement Park

Postcard courtesy of 66postcards.com - Used by Permission

Postcard courtesy of 66postcards.com - Used by Permission

Location:10783 Riverview Drive
St Louis, MO
Date Built:1923
Date Razed:1977
Other Names Used:Parkview Amusement Co
Riverview Park
Fun Fair Park
GPS Coordinates:N38.76390 W090.18430

The Chain of Rocks Amusement Park's location on the bluffs of the Mississippi River overlooking the Chain of Rocks Bridge made it one of St Louis' most picturesque spots.

This is a view, facing east, of the river and the park on a bluff high above Route 66. The park was a popular spot for Route 66 travelers. It was built on land that had been originally proposed for use as the site of the 1904 St Louis World's Fair.

John A. (Hans) Hoffman formed the Parkview Amusement Co in 1923. It later was renamed the Chain of Rocks Park. He operated the park until 1940, when he sold it to Carl Trippe.

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