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Municipal Bridge

Location:Mississippi River, St Louis, MO
Date Built:1917
Other Names Used:MacArthur Bridge (1942)
GPS Coordinates:38.6148 N 90.1840 W

Construction on the Municipal Bridge began in 1909 by the City of St Louis, but money ran out before the approaches could be finished. The bridge finally opened in 1917 to automobile traffic on the upper deck. The lower railroad deck was not completed until 1928. Tolls were charged for automobiles in 1932, and in 1942, the bridge was renamed MacArthur Bridge, in honar of General Douglas MacArthur.

When the bridge first opened, it was the only 'free' bridge over the Mississippi in the St Louis area. Most folks referred to it as the 'Free Bridge'. It carried Route 66 traffic until the completion of the Poplar Street Bridge.

In 1981, due to the deteriation of the bridge floor, the bridge was closed to vehicle traffic. Most of the western approaches have been removed. It is still in use as a railroad bridge.

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